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Tribu Spirit

Tribu Spirit works together in a "one on one" personal level with indigenous communities around the world to produce and sell high quality indigenous arts, crafts and products in a completely fair- trade manner. Through these means they aim to help bring about better living conditions, self-sustainability, preservation and education of their ancient wisdom, habitat and cultural heritage.

The Carajas Headdress

The Carajas headdress is made by the indigenous Carajas Brazilian Indians in the Eastern part of Brazil of the Amazonian Forrest.

The American Indian headdress has a cultural and deeply spiritual significance among Native Americans. It honors acts of bravery and rites of passage that are long-held traditions. When headdresses are inappropriately worn or taken out of the context for which they were meant, that is disrespectful to those who understand their history. 

The most widely recognized headdress by the general public is the eagle-feathered war bonnet. These handmade bonnets are worn primarily by tribes living on the Great Plains. For centuries, the tail feathers had been plucked from older eagles that had been captured from their nests when they were young. The feathers had to be removed without harming the birds. After bald and golden eagles were listed as protected species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service set up the National Eagle Repository in the early 1970s near Denver, CO, so that federally registered Native American tribes would be provided with feathers for ceremonial use.

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